The Evex network offers both in-patient and out-patient oncohematological services, which includes non-oncological hematological pathologies as well as diagnostics and therapies for oncohematological and oncological patients aged 0 to 20. This is the only department in Georgia where the treatment of patients with acute leukemia and malignant lymphoma is financed by the state.

The oncohematological department provides a complete diagnostic package, including the following examinations:

1. bone marrow puncture and trepano-biopsy;
2. immunophenotyping of blast cells by means of the latest flow cytometers;
3. cytomorphological and cytochemical examination;
4. molecular genetic PCR testing;
5. detection of minimal residual disease (MRD).

Since 1995, treatments have been carried out in accordance with acknowledged European BFM protocols, which enables the complete recovery of 70% of patients.

All patients with leukemia are provided with free follow-up care (protective therapy) for two years. We also treat non-oncological hematological diseases:

1. All types of acquired anemia;
2. All types of congenital amemia (talasemia, microspherocytosis, G6PD, pyruvate kinase deficiency, etc.)
3. All subtypes of thrombocytopenic purpura;
4. Congenital and acquired aplastic anemia;
5. Coagulopathy;
6. Mielodisplasia syndrome;
7. GVHD acute and chronic forms developed after bone marrow transplantation.

In September 2017, another oncological specialty was added to the department for patients aged 0 to 20 with solid tumors. They are provided with all of the necessary resources required for up-to-date diagnosis and therapy.

The Kiel laboratory in Germany is involved in the diagnostic process. It studies all complicated cases on the basis of signed memoranda without extra expenses for the patients.