Irina Mezurnishvili

Head of Operations Management Department

Irina Mezurnishvili – was appointed on the position of the Head of Operations Management Department in April of 2019.
Since 2018, Mezurnishvili served as Head of the Process and Standards Division at the Polyclinic Network JSC “Medical Corporation Evex”.
Irina has eight-year experience in banking, particularly in process optimization, change management, line management, and strategic project management.
Irina started her career at JSC “TBC Bank” in 2010. Prior to 2018, being a Business Transformation Manager, she coordinated Process Optimization, Lean Transformation, Coaching and other projects. She has also been involved in merging projects with “Bank Constant” and “Bank Republic” with TBC Bank and a branch network development project. She was also heading the merging projects of “Bank Constanta” and “Bank Republic” to “TBC Bank” and branch development project.
Irina holds the Bachelor’s diploma of Caucasus University (CSB) in the direction of Finances and continued her education at Free University Business School ESM, Master’s program in Business Administration (MBA).
Irina is DAAD Scholarship holder, has undergone training programs in Management, Lean, Scrum and AGILE directions.