11 March, 2020

“Evex Clinics” is launching a medical and informational support campaign against coronavirus for employees

For the prevention of the coronavirus, “Evex Clinics” is launching medical and informational support for employees within the frames of social responsibility project.


Within the scope of the program, “Evex Clinics” has established a mobile team of re-trained family doctors that will examine employees who have the most frequent contacts with customers or often happen to be in public spaces.


Family doctors of “Evex Clinics” will examine employees of the various companies working on a daily basis. Medical staff will give recommendations regarding the coronavirus infection and provide answers to all topical questions on COVID 19 disease.


Within the frames of the social responsibility project, mobile clinic of “Evex Clinics” will also be involved in mentioned activities. For the first time in the Caucasus region, “Evexmobile” clinic will be fully provided with medical equipment and qualified staff to offer primary health care services to the population in the regions with the purpose of increasing access to medical services in Georgia. This time, under the newly launched project, the re-trained mobile team of medical staff will make visits to large companies and examine the condition of health of the staff.


The social responsibility project refers to persons employed in agencies operating in public transport, media, delivery and administrative service sectors. 


The team of doctors from “Evex Clinics” will visit all interested companies and gradually provide the staff with medical consultation.